Bengals 2017 Draft Visits Tracker

2017 NFL Draft Cincinnati Bengals Interaction/Visit Prospect Tracker

Johnathan "Rudy" Ford | Visit(s): Senior Bowl (2017) | Video Highlights |Draft Profile
Age: N/A |H:5'11|W:204|Pos:DB (S/CB)|Auburn|Proj. Rd: 3-7
Summary: Had 59 tackles with 7 pass breakups in 2016. 
He is a solid, but unspectacular, defender for Auburn who can contribute in pass coverage and run defense. (WF)

Isaiah "Zay" JonesVisit(s): Senior Bowl (2017) | Video Highlights |Draft Profile
Age: 21 H: 6'1 | W:197 |Pos:WR|East Carolina|Proj Rd: 2-3
Summary: As a senior, he totaled 158 receptions for 1,746 yards with 8 touchdowns.
Polished route runner with excellent hands. Displays quick burst, speed & separation.(WF) 

Antonio PipkinVisit(s): Senior Bowl (2017) | Video Highlights |Draft Profile
Age: N/A |H:6'1|W:225|Pos:QB|Tiffin|Proj. Rd:UDFA
Summary: While he has proven to be dangerous with the feet, he's undersized with an average arm and needs to improve his accuracy and pocket poise. (NFL)

Corey ClementVisit(s): Senior Bowl (2017) | Video Highlights |Draft Profile
Age: 22 |H:5'10|W:221|Pos:RB|Wisconsin|Proj. Rd:3-5
Summary: Clement averaged 4.4 yards per carry in 2016 for 1,375 yards with 15 touchdowns.Compares to Peyton Barber. (WF)

Zach Banner| Visit(s): Senior Bowl (2017) | Video Highlights |Draft Profile
Age: 23 |H:6'8|W:361|Pos:T/G|USC|Proj. Rd:4-6
Summary: Rare size, but some teams will question whether he can bend enough to be a functional NFL guard. As a tackle, he lacks the quickness to consistently protect the passer, and teams might focus too heavily on that shortcoming.(NFL)

Taywan Taylor| Visit(s): Senior Bowl (2017) | Video Highlights |Draft Profile
Age: 21 |H:5'11|W:198|Pos:WR|Western Kentucky|Proj. Rd:3-6
Summary: Slot-only receiver with the athleticism and separation quickness to win on the NFL level. Benefitted statistically from Western Kentucky's scheme, but that offense benefitted from Taylor's ability to get open and his explosiveness in the open field.(NFL)

Haason ReddickVisit(s): Senior Bowl (2017) | Video Highlights |Draft Profile
Age: 22 |H:6'2|W:237|Pos:LB|Temple|Proj. Rd:1-2
Summary: The Owls staff helped him unlock his explosive athletic traits on the field, which resulted in three forced fumbles, 9.5 sacks and 21.5 tackles for loss in 2016. Reddick's speed and athleticism might give him a greater shot at impacting the game as a 3-4 inside linebacker or a 4-3 WILL.(NFL)

Chris WormleyVisit(s): Senior Bowl (2017) | Video Highlights |Draft Profile
Age: 23 |H:6'5|W:297|Pos: DL|Michigan|Proj.Rd:1-3
Summary: Three-year starter who brings leadership and high character into the locker room. Wormley's size and athleticism could appeal to teams that favor big, strong base ends who can set a physical edge and then bump inside as pass rushers(NFL)

O.J. HowardVisit(s): Senior Bowl (2017) | Video Highlights |Draft Profile
Age: 22 |H:6'6|W:249|Pos: TE|Alabama|Proj.Rd:1
Summary: Howard has struggled to live up to hype that has come with his play-making ability while at Alabama, but some scouts put the blame on the staff and scheme. He has elite athletic traits and raw talent, but must add polish to go along with those attributes.(NFL)

Julie’n DavenportVisit(s): Senior Bowl (2017) | Video Highlights |Draft Profile
Age: 22 |H:6'7|W:310|Pos: OL|Bucknell|Proj.Rd:3-4
Summary: Raw tackle lacking in technique but long on physical traits. Despite a lack of technique, his traits will have teams willing to draft and wait for him as a project. He will be a work in progress and might be forced to move to the right side.(NFL)

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